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More than 3 million people worldwide suffer from end-stage renal disease (ESRD). A small percentage of them receive kidney transplants, but there are not nearly enough organ donors to meet demand and the procedure is rife with complications. The vast majority of patients suffering from ESRD rely on hemodialysis, an invasive treatment that requires going to a dialysis center three to four times a week for sessions that can last up to four hours at a time. Not surprisingly, the development of an artificial kidney has been the subject of feverish activity over the last few years, and in February 2014, for a wearable device designed by Blood Purification Technologies (Beverly Hills, CA) via a special . An under development at the University of California, San Francisco, also has been awarded FDA fast track status. Meanwhile in Europe, Debiotech (Lausanne, Switzerland), AWAK (Singapore and Burbank, CA), and Neokidney Development, an initiative of the Dutch Kidney Foundation, have just announced a collaborative effort to develop the world’s first portable artificial kidney. They have signed a joint venture agreement to complete a functional model in 2015. Clinical trials are planned for 2017.

The portable artificial kidney will enable frequent and longer home-based hemodialysis that significantly improves and extends patients’ lives, according to Debiotech. 

Scientific research has established that frequent and longer dialysis treatment limits side effects, such as dialysis hangover and cardiovascular stress, and increases patient autonomy and life expectancy, according to the company. It is also considerably more cost effective than undergoing dialysis at a center.

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