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Worldwide Clinical trials

Current Studies:

Type of Clinic:

Primarily Healthy volunteer studies

In-Patient Capacity:



Company Info:

Formally Cedra




Unless special procedures are required, everything is done in one visit including the reading of informed consent, lab work and physical. Be sure to pay attention during the consent reading as many doctors will quiz you and can bar you from the study if they feel you don't fully understand what your getting yourself into.

WCT is very strict with "no shows" and cancellations.

If you make an appointment with this clinic, make sure you arrive early as they will not serve you if you are late.

Also, make sure you call to cancel if you know you will not make it.

Volunteer Amenities:

Big Screen TV

In-Room TV

Private Bedside TV



DVD Player

Video Games

Board Games

Pool Table

Ping Pong

Foos Ball


Movie Library

Quiet Room

Computer Room

Rec Room

TV Room

Activities like crafts, bingo or tournaments

Nice view of the highway. When you finish the study, you get a pill bottle filled with M & M's. New TV room for game systems. Bring your own game system

Internet Access:



Public Computers w/Internet

Public Computers w/ no Internet

New computer room with 12 computers on main floor. WI-FI is open and fairly fast though can be bogged down with large groups.


Private Rooms

Semi-Private (4 or less)

Dorms (5 or more)

Hospital Beds

Bunk Beds

7 dorms with multiple bunk beds in each. Limited electrical outlets. You may wish to bring and extension cord and or power strip.


Limited On-site. Check with study staff for where to park. You will get a parking permit to put on your dash at screening.


Food is catered in by multiple local restaurants. Limited menu since most studies are short.


You will typically get most of your money after your last procedure visit, whether that be an in-house stay or out-patient and the rest in the mail two to three weeks later. If you are a backup who does not stay the first night, you get $25 cash and a Priority card. If you are a backup and stay the night and are not used for dosing, then you will get $75 cash and a Priority Card. Priority Cards allow you to get into a study as long as your labs are in range.

This is not guaranteed! This is just the way it's been so far but the polices can always change.


Color coded T-shirt issued for each study.

Bring your own bottoms and under/sweatshirt

Camera Policy:

You may now bring a camera phone or laptop with webcam. Staff will apply tamper evident tape over the cameras. If you tamper with the tape, you will be fined and may not be allowed to participate in future studies.


Done on longer studies

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