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Mystery shopping can be called, secret shopping, covert shopping or undercover shopping. Be careful because there are lots of scam websites out there claiming that you can make thousands of pounds or dollars a week from being a mystery shopper. This just isn't true. However, it can be fun and you can earn around £25 ($45) for one shop and at BioTrax, we have found all of the best, reputable companies so that you don't have to worry about the integrity of companies you are dealing with. Your job would be to enter a shop posing as a regular customer. You will secretly be assessing the staff, cleanliness and general presentation of the shop. You will then be required to fill in a questionnaire on your experiences afterwards. It's not a bad life getting paid to shop!

Mystery shopping can involve walking into tescos with a hidden camera and filming the staff asking you if you would like some help with your packing. Sounds rediculous but its true.

Cinema trailer checks are fun and interesting. Get paid to check up on the trailers being shown at cinemas and you get to watch the movie.

Dining in restaurants, checking the services of tourist attractions.

Mystery shopping activities are many and varied and there is something for everybody.

Both Males and Females are needed and you can make a full time or part time living from mystery shopping. Assignments can often be at night drinking in a bar for example or on weekends. Most mystery shopping companies are very flexible.

Pretending to be a customer is a very rewarding business and you can also get paid to do what you love best- SHOPPING

BioTrax has a world of opportunities for many different mystery shopping activities and you can even participate in non invasive medical research or medical trials, clinical trials where applicable. The choices are yours.

Its an easy way to make money.

BioTrax provides a directory service which will put you in contact with all shopper groups and unlike other services is broken up into the areas they actually recruit from making it so much easier for you to find companies looking for shoppers in your geographical area of residence. All the hard work is done for you. Why not take a look at opportunities recruiting in your area and you can begin to do what we all love doing best.

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