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NIHR UK clinical trials Gateway

What do you think of the new UK Clinical Trials Gateway (UKCTG)?

Access to clear information about clinical trials is essential if we wish to see greater numbers of people take part in research in the future.

The UK Clinical Trials Gateway (UKCTG) was launched at the end of last year. It's ambition is to provide accessible information to the public about clinical trials relevant to their condition, and which they may be able to participate in.

There is much scope to improve and strengthen the website and the information it provides, and we wish to do this based on the feedback you and others can provide.

The survey also provides people with an opportunity to join a 'user panel.' This panel will be an important partner in the development of the site from a patient perspective. It will also be an important source of advice to me as NIHR National Director for Public Participation and Engagement in Research in thinking through how we can better meet the needs of people when it comes to digital health information about research.

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