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Great Tips for Clinical Trials and Medical Trials Volunteer

Your Mother Tongue.

If you are reading these ‘helpful hints’ without problem, then it probably means that you speak and read English to quite an advanced level. This will most certainly work in your favour when approaching clinics. The majority of clinics will only accept volunteers that speak the language of where the clinic is located. By accepting volunteers who speak a foreign language, clinics may be over complicating their application process. They will need to translate consent forms, clinic rules etc. Being fluent in English will be of great help .

Get yourself a GP.

When being recruited onto a medical trial, it is likely that you will be asked to provide your medical history. It is vital for the clinics to ensure that all information provided is legitimate, as any false information could lead to fatal consequences. By providing the contact details of your local GP (general practitioner), the clinics can validate your medical history. In the UK most clinics will require a 6 to 12 month doctors registration from your home country or in the case of Manchester, Scotland and Ireland at least a 3 month doctors registration in the UK .

However, if you are not British, it is likely that you will not have a local GP. Still, there are up to 4 possible ways you could satisfy this requirement.

  1. You can register with a local GP at no cost under Britain's NHS system. The process includes a routine health check, and is a simple matter for those holding Commonwealth or EU citizenship, who are therefore entitled to reciprocal health care. If you are not a Commonwealth or EU citizen, then you may have to visit several practices before you find one willing to accept you as an NHS patient. You might have to state your intention to live in the area for at least six months, and explain your need to satisfy the clinic's requirement that you provide them with a doctor to contact. Do not register as a "temporary patient", if you do you won't have a health check or a complete set of medical records on file, and some clinics may find this unacceptable. Remember also that you are supposed to register with a GP in your catchment area, so you should provide a nearby legitimate address where they will be able to send your NHS card or any other correspondence. In addition, be sure to give them a phone number they can contact you at regarding appointments etc.
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