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Clinical Trials
Sponsored Programs/Clinical Trials
Weiskotten Hall
Rm. 1111, 766 Irving Ave.
Syracuse, NY 13210
Map & direction
Phone: 315 464-5476


The Clinical Trails Office at SUNY Upstate Medical University was established to serve as a resource to Investigators, Research Coordinators and Research Volunteers, while as a point of contact for Industry Sponsors. Staff at the Clinical Trials Office strive to be service oriented, offering assistance in contract negotiations, routing, compliance and budgets. It is also our goal to build a relationship with industry sponsors, showcasing our facilities and expertise in research, so that SUNY Upstate Medical University continues to be an ideal site for conducting research.

Our goal is to make the clinical trials process more efficient, while helping to grow the research program here at SUNY Upstate Medical University. Participating in clinical trials is one way we can offer our patients treatment alternatives, and ensure that SUNY Upstate remains on the cutting edge for treatments of serious health conditions.

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Where is a cosmetic surgery clinic in Syracuse NY?

A cosmetic surgery in Syracuse NY is at the following address, Dean DeRoberts M.D, 4900 Broad Road, Physicians Building South 2G, Syracuse, NY 13215-5103.

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