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Do paid clinical studies or paid medical research studies as a good source of stay at home mom income. Not a good way to make money for the faint-hearted, clinical trials for pay can be a great way to make as much as a couple grand. Learn all about paid medical trials.

You may have heard rumors about human guinea pigs, being experimented on in labs across the country. You may also have heard that these people do clinical trials for pay. Well, those rumors are true!

Yes, you can do paid medical research studies, which is essentially being paid to be an experimental human guinea pig. These paid clinical studies, also called paid medical trials, are an interesting way to earn stay at home mom income.

What are Paid Medical Trials?

What exactly are paid medical research studies? A medical research firm is contracted by a drug manufacturer to test their new products out on live patients. The product is most likely a drug, either oral, injection, or topical, or it may be a procedure of some sort. In an actual setting, the drug would be used to prevent disease, treat a disease, condition or disorder, or to treat symptoms.

The medical research firm with then find participants for the study. The participants fall into one of the following two classifications, depending on the needs of the manufacturer:

  • Healthy Person Studies
  • Afflicted Person Studies
  • The afflicted person studies are those done on groups of people who currently have the disease/disorder/condition/symptoms being treated by the experimental drug. These studies may or may be paid clinical studies. Sometimes, the experimental care received is worth more than money.

The healthy person studies are the ones we are interested in as clinical trials for pay for stay at home mom income. This is where the firm will hire healthy individuals who do not have the treated condition to see how the drugs will affect their system.

How much do you make for clinical trials for pay?
Payment for paid medical research studies varies greatly, and ranges from an outpatient study at $20 a visit, to an inpatient study at $500-3, 000+. Participants in clinical trials for pay are either outpatient or inpatient. Outpatient paid clinical studies require you to come to the clinic for multiple visits, while inpatient paid medical trials require you to stay on premises, so that they can monitor you and make sure that all participants are eating the same foods, have the same level of exercise, etc.

You can

Paid Clinical Studies Phases

There are three phases to paid medical research studies.

Phase One
These paid medical trials are drug trials done for the first time on humans. These groups are relatively small, and are usually done as a healthy person study.

Phase Two
These clinical trials for pay are larger groups, and are to test drugs or procedures currently on the market, or ones that have been extensively tested in a Phase One trial. These can also be healthy person studies, or persons currently suffering from the disease being tested. They are the most common form of clinical trials for pay available.

Phase Three
These paid medical trials are usually conducted with the patients with the disorder, though not always. They are much larger studies, and are usually performed with a control group. A control group is a group of participants in the study that are given the standard treatment, or placebo, which is compared to the new treatment.

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