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THE number of patients that were recruited for clinical trials at the Royal Surrey County Hospital in Guildford has increased by 282%.

The hospital was number one for its size for the number patients electing to go through trials during the past year.

A league table released by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) revealed the number of clinical studies carried out at the Egerton Road hospital increased from 94 to 98,and the number of patients involved from 1, 532 to 4, 238 from 2011/12 to 2012/13.

The hospital,a medium acute trust,saw the highest number of patients signing up for trials for its category in the country,and carried out the third highest number of studies.

Clinical research is voluntary but the hospital is supporting an NIHR campaign encouraging patients to ask about trials.

Leaflets and posters are displayed around the hospital,and a consultant or member of a research team can approach a patient if they think there is a study for which they will be eligible.

Patients are not paid but are reimbursed travel expenses.

Medical director Christopher Tibbs said: “Clinical research is a vital part of NHS work and it is a great accolade to patients and staff the hospital has been recognised for its successes.

“It is very pleasing to see our number of trials rise,year on year. To be named highest performing medium acute trust for recruiting patients to trials is a huge achievement. I would like to thank all the patients willing to take part in the trials. The study’s results are extremely valuable for us.”

Cathy Mayes,research governance and development manager at RSCH,said the hospital’s strengths in research include oncology; diabetes; emergency ear,nose and throat procedures; anaesthetics; and palliative care. “The increase in studies and recruitment is due to new specialities conducting research and high patient recruiting trials being opened within the trust, ” she said.

This achievement has only been made possible by the continued support from the organisation,principal investigators and their research teams,the trust’s support services and,most importantly,the patients.

“The number of studies has increased by four on last year’s figure but this is not to be confused with only starting four new studies opened last year,as studies have also closed.

“Last year,54 studies were approved,of which 28 were classed as interventional and 26 observational. Interventional research is labour intensive and recruits fewer patients. Observational research,such as questionnaires,require less input from the research team.”

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Can EU citizens volunteer for paid clinical trials outside the EU? i.e. in USA/Canada and australia?

I know non-eu folk can do studies here as ive meet plenty of aussies and saffas on them.

No you can not. Before you leave the E.U where you are living, you have to buy new private insurance. When you got sick out side of EU, you can do claim with your insurance private company (example, AXA, Generalis, etc) when you are return to your own countries.
But if you do study in Aussie, after you arrived there, registered yourself in insurance company for student, so you are on covered insurance.

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