NIHR clinical trials Fellowships

Many of the research studies we commission involve clinical trials. The conduct and execution of well designed trials requires partnership with clinicians, other trialists and methodologists and ideally builds on the experience, expertise and infrastructure provided by Clinical Trials Units.

NIHR Clinical Trials Fellowships are designed to support existing NIHR Trainees with an interest in, and experience of, working with clinical trials as part of their current training award who would benefit from further training within the setting of a Clinical Trials Unit (in receipt of NIHR CTU Support Funding). The training programme should expose the trainee to all aspects/stages of trials and should not limit individuals to one study.

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Popular Q&A

What if my ongoing clinical trial is a part of a training grant or fellowship?
  • Can I apply if my clinical trial is part of a single project grant or one project on a multiproject grant?
  • NIAID determines on a case-by-case basis if the clinical trial is being conducted under a training or fellowship grant. If appropriate, NIAID would consider providing funds to complete the clinical trial portion of the parent grant separately.

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