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There are many things that we have learned from our patients. These are the things which make a difference in your fertility treatment. Some of them are common sense. Others are what make a physician and a practice special instead of merely competent.


Success rates need to be excellent
Of course we need not only be competent, but actually better than average. It is only fair to expect us to be the best and to always aim for excellence. If we are keeping up to date and if we strive for excellence, it is a natural consequence that we will always have outstanding success rates. Practices that are average are just as close to the worst ones as they are to the best ones!

Qualified physicians and laboratory personnel
It is not unreasonable to expect that your caretakers have completed their training at approved Fellowships in Reproductive Medicine. At ACRM not only has our medical and laboratory staff carried out their training at some of the finest institutions in the country but we're also committed to ongoing continuing medical education. We attend the leading conferences in our field, participate in the national organizations and even pay for our nursing staff to attend conferences in order to ensure that our patients will always receive the very best care available.

Up-to-date technologies
An Infertility Specialist needs to be able to provide state-of-the-art therapies. What was adequate therapy 5 years ago is probably not acceptable today. This field is changing so quickly that it is important that you receive the latest and most advanced treatments available because they will make a difference in outcome. The physician should be able to review with you all the "breakthroughs" which are reported. Some are real and others are hype, but we should always be able to thoughtfully evaluate what's important and what's not. If something is important, we need to be incorporating it into our practice.

Access to the physician
It is absolutely reasonable for you to expect to be seen by your physician. After all, that's what you're paying for! While it is sometimes appropriate to be seen by ancillary personnel, it is not reasonable to be seen only rarely by the physician. It is too easy to fall through the cracks and get lost in a system where the patient doesn't have access to her physician. These situations are the ones where the patient may be randomly treated, and the therapeutic interventions seem haphazard and directionless. Phone calls should be answered the same day, or at the latest the next day in non-emergent situations. It is not requesting too much to expect to have contact with your doctor. At ACRM our physicians strive to provide the daily care and be directly involved in all phases.

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