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  • HIV Poses as E. Coli to Confuse Immune Defenders

Researchers discover that HIV can hide in plain sight by posing as another kind of infection in the gut, and that a person's genes influence how their body responds to an experimental HIV vaccine.

David Heitz
  • Dissolving Tampons Deliver HIV Drugs (and Maybe Contraception, Too)

University of Washington researchers have created a discreet, quick-dissolving tampon out of silk-line fibers to protect women from HIV.

David Heitz
  • Why HIV Patients Must Stop Smoking

Smokers with HIV lose more years of life to cigarettes than to the disease itself, a new study shows.

David Heitz
  • HIV Infection Tied to Much Lower Risk of Multiple Sclerosis

In a unique case, one MS patient went without symptoms for more than 12 years after contracting HIV and starting treatment with antiretroviral drugs.

Jeri Burtchell
  • Black Community Leaders Join Forces to Fight HIV

HIV impacts the African-American community more than any other minority group besides gay men. Now, the NAACP, political leaders, clergy, and non-profits are waging war on the epidemic.

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Call to step up the pace of TB-HIV collaborative activities  — Weekly Blitz
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