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Swine flu vaccine clinical trials results

Last autumn the Oxford Vaccine Group was the lead site on a novel influenza H1N1 (‘Swine Flu’) vaccine study that enrolled over 900 children in 5 weeks.

This rapid recruitment enabled us to provide data to the Department of Health in time to directly inform the national ‘Swine Flu’ immunisation policy, and was only possible due to the support of the National Institute for Health’s Research Policy Research Programme, the Oxford Biomedical Research Centre, The University of Oxford Department of Paediatrics and the Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS trust. We are pleased to be able to announce that the results from this study have recently been published in the ‘British Medical Journal’.

The trial looked at two commercially available novel H1N1 vaccines to compare their safety and how well they induced an immune response against the Swine Flu virus. The results showed that both vaccines generated good immune responses, with significantly higher antibody levels seen after immunisation with the vaccine most commonly used in the UK.

In order to thank these institutions and the many children, parents and staff members who made this study possible we held an event on Wednesday 14th July at the Richard Doll Building on the Churchill Hospital site.

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Who is going to "candidate trial" the swine flu vaccine?

America says that the swine flu vaccine will be ready soon but they need to "trial a first candidate" for a few months to make sure it is safe.
Are the British public going to be the "candidates" for this trial as the government says the vaccine will be available here at the end of August.
On Wednesday, World Health Organisation (WHO) chief Margaret Chan warned that a vaccine to combat the swine flu pandemic would not be readily available for several months.

Its obvious they are trying to put the fear into people, so as soon as the vaccination becomes available, people will be queuing up to get it, falsely thinking that it will 'protect' them, then if they get any symptoms, this will be blamed on the 'virus'. Very clever tactic, by a multi billion pound organization. I heard on the news yesterday they've been preparing for this for 2 years.
Its obvious they are trying to create a major pandemic!
The thing that worries me the most is that they may make the vaccination mandatory. Then people who choose not to take it will be 'looked down …

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