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AMC Clinical Examination Session 14/15-R7M Melbourne-ntc Retest - 14 August 2014

The Australian Medical Council announces the following results from the 14/15-R7M Melbourne-ntc Retest Clinical Examination Session.

  • Click to view the candidates who have been successful at completing the 14/15-R7M Melbourne-ntc Retest Clinical Examination Session.
  • Click to view the candidates who have been unsuccessful at completing the 14/15-R7M Melbourne-ntc Retest Clinical Examination Session.

Formal examination results will be mailed to all candidates within 10 working days (two weeks) after the examination date, including a computer generated transcript and feedback on examination performance in the clinical examination. Candidates should ensure that their current address is registered with the AMC Secretariat.

A listing of candidates' results will be available on this website from 9am (AEST) on the Thursday following the examination, and remain for period of 4 weeks. The candidates listing will be shown by AMC reference number only, in compliance with Commonwealth Privacy Legislation.

Please note that:

  • these results were confirmed by the Panel of Examiners at the end of the examination and have also been extensively checked by the AMC Secretariat
  • under no circumstances will formal results be given over the phone
  • AMC staff cannot comment on your performance at the clinical examination.

The AMC has established procedures for candidates to appeal a decision of the Board of Examiners on matters covered by the Guidelines Relating to Appeals against the Procedures of a Clinical Examination. You may download an appeals form from this website.

If you want a printed copy of the appeals guidelines and form, contact the AMC in writing after you receive your official written result.

Successful Candidates
Candidate Reference Number
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