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Over the past 20 years,CRL has provided Global Central Laboratory Services in more than 4, 000 clinical trials worldwide. CRL is proud to assist the pharmaceutical industry in its efforts to support the welfare of our global community.

The Project Manager is a critical part of your clinical trial and is your champion within Clinical Reference Laboratory on all aspects of the study from study set up to database lock. Upon study award,your dedicated Clinical Reference Laboratory Project Manager will work with you to create and implement all the tools you need to complete your trial on time and on budget. Your Project Manager will be your primary contact within Clinical Reference Laboratory,providing and developing services ranging from a protocol-specific investigator manual to customized visit-specific kits for your study. Project Managers consult extensively at study initiation to ensure that the Sponsor,the Investigator and Clinical Reference Laboratory staff have a clear and unambiguous understanding of their responsibilities. The Project Manager also works closely with you to establish clear study requirements for your study.

Investigator training and proactive management from our Project Managers during the course of the study helps ensure your study milestones are achieved on time and on budget and the level of quality you expect.

  • Laboratory Protocol Definition
  • Management Report Provisioning
  • Progressive Study Data through EDT
  • Investigator Training
  • Documentation and Instructions for Investigators
  • Direct to Investigator Reporting
  • Active and Responsive Customer Support 24/7/365
  • Access to ‘Self Service’ technology and real time data

BMC Medical Research Methodology at the 35th Annual Conference of the ..  — BMC Pediatrics
The conference will focus on issues such as design and analysis of clinical trials, methods in biostatistics and development of clinical prediction models.

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