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- Was this comment helpful? / -level position, I dont expect there will be a sign-on bonus, but there will be a possible yearly/performance bonus based on your assessment with your manager (~4-7%). If you are interviewing with Quintiles, I was told the Max salary for EL CRA tops at 60K.

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14 months ago

- Was this comment helpful? / -Level; therefore, it really depends your previous exp.; I think you can get at least 55K with your qualification. The money will follow once you get your foot in the door, the hardest part is really breaking into this industry. Good luck!

- Was this comment helpful? / CRAs (all who need 2+ years of CRC experience). I have 2 years as a study coordinator, 2 years in DM, and some bench work. I am hoping to get at least 55-60k. Thoughts, advice. The suspense is killing me waiting for their offer.

Just read the thread. Thought of asking you, do you know anyone hiring for entry level CRA? I've one year of CRC experience, 6 months of RA experience and 2 master's degree including the one in epidemiology. Your any input be highly appreciated. Thanks.

- Was this comment helpful? / and never studied nurse. If there is a way to become, please let know. Thanks in advance.

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