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Clinical Research Invoicing System for Participants (CRISP)

CRISP is a system that supports the tracking of patient events and the invoicing process for industry sponsored clinical trials. The UAT and pilot finished successfully, and the system is being rolled out to departments that have industry sponsored clinical trials.

Trials required to be entered in CRISP:

  • Any new or existing industry-funded clinical trials that have activity/end dates after will be included.
  • Industry-sponsored clinical trials that end on or before will not have to be entered in CRISP, but can be at the department’s discretion. Based upon the success of the pilot phase and enhanced capabilities CRISP has to offer we strongly encourage you to do so.

Clinical Coordinators will be able to track patient events, Accounts Receivable will have the information needed for timely submission of invoices, and the PIs and department financial administrators will have up-to-date financial information on the trial at their fingertips via individualized summary screens. CRISP will facilitate the financial aspect of clinical research by listing all invoiceable items in one place. Invoicing will be more accurate, resulting in more revenue recovered for projects. Accounts receivable collection and the posting of available funding on expenditure statements will also be accelerated by the adoption of CRISP. Once the sponsor is invoiced, the invoice number and payment status will be available in CRISP.

Spectrum Clinical Trials Website

After November 9, 2007, whenever you register a new trial on for which Stanford is the sponsor the information will be automatically uploaded to

BMC Medical Research Methodology at the 35th Annual Conference of the ..  — BMC Pediatrics
The conference will focus on issues such as design and analysis of clinical trials, methods in biostatistics and development of clinical prediction models.

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