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Our Products

Forte Research Systems specializes in software that supports clinical research. Our products are designed in close collaboration with the clinical research community with the goal of making the management of clinical research more efficient.

A comprehensive clinical research management system, OnCore® Enterprise Research supports operations at academic medical centers, cancer centers, and health care systems.

A cloud-based clinical trial management system, Allegro® CTMS efficiently manages the operational data of clinical trials for dedicated research sites, physician practices, and community hospitals.

An electronic data capture system that fully supports compliance with 21 CFR Part 11, Overture® EDC simplifies data management and review for sponsors and CROs.

Allegro CTMSResearch Resonance® Network is a collaborative community of research sites that are committed to excellence in clinical research operations. Membership is free and open to organizations of all sizes. The award-winning Site Insights Dashboard provides a mechanism to contribute a standardized set of operational metrics and compare with the performance of peer organizations.

Our Process

All of Forte’s software products are carefully crafted to meet the needs of their user communities. Our software development cycle is designed to ensure that each product is comprised of useful functionality that performs exceptionally well in the production environment.

Development begins with a genuine business need.

Forte’s business analysts and project managers work closely with clinical researchers to identify areas where software can make a positive impact on workflows and efficiencies.

Software design reflects a standards-based approach.

As a sponsoring member of several initiatives aimed at standardizing clinical research operations, Forte creates solutions that serve broad needs across the industry.

Customer feedback inspires every product release.

By adopting a collaborative approach with our customers, Forte incorporates feedback to each product enhancements, thereby continually creating a better product with each release.

Ideas are transformed into exceptional software.

Forte’s highly experienced engineers work closely with the business analysts and product support teams to ensure that business requirements are accurately reflected in all our products.

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Popular Q&A

Where can one download a clinical trials software?

Some of the places that one can find clinical trials software are from Master Control and EMC. These are two companies that provide clinical trial management and guarantees of quality assurance when tests are being performed.

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