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Clinical Research trials on Pancreatic Cancer

Ask a Nurse Practitioner about Symptoms, Problems and Concerns

As part of a research study to assess the effectiveness of online support, nurse practitioner Marian Grant will answer questions on symptoms, treatments and support for pancreatic cancer patients. Learn more.

Expert care for pancreatic cancer and tumors

Having pancreatic cancer – or a suspicious tumor on your pancreas – is a frightening diagnosis. Johns Hopkins experts, some of the most experienced pancreatic specialists in the country, are working to dispel fear and create hope in patients with pancreas disease. Pancreatic cancer, tumors and cysts are being treated with dramatic success at Johns Hopkins.

The first step when dealing with suspected pancreas cancer is accurate imaging and diagnosis, followed by determining whether or not you are a candidate for surgery. Our internationally recognized physician-scientists are dedicated to delivering state-of-the-art treatment planning and innovative, expert care to our patients.

The Pancreas Cancer Mulitdisciplinary Clinic is a one-day clinic that offers a complete, comprehensive examination, including imaging tests such as CT scans, by some of the top cancer experts in the country. To make an appointment call 410-933-PANC (7262).

At Johns Hopkins, our surgeons have made significant improvements to the Whipple procedure, the primary surgical treatment for pancreatic cancer that occurs within the head of the gland (also called a pancreaticoduodenectomy). Today, our surgeons perform a high volume of these procedures and have lessened the complications during and after surgery.

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